Campaign Guidelines

Character Creation

Players are to use the standard 4e point buy system in creating their character. Players receive a free expertise feat of their choice along with the Improved Defenses feat. This is to allow the shortcomings of player stats at later stages of the 4e ruleset and to versatility and creativity in feat selections.

It is also asked of players to keep min-maxing to a minimum. It’s not exactly fun for me to have to balance the game around one player and leave everyone else suffering. Neither is feeling like you’ve wasted your time if you think your build is inferior to another. I do expect players to have unique abilities, I just ask for some common sense and courtesy about them. =)

Races Allowed:
All races are allowed with the exception of Thri-Kreen, Revanents and Warforged.

Classes Allowed:
All classes are allowed.

Ruleset Guidelines:
We will be using the most current reference available regarding the 4e ruleset. NPCs and DCs will be set in accordance to the guideline updated in Monster Manual 3.

Characters start at level 2 using the advanced level character generation guidelines found in the Player’s Handbook. This is to accommodate that your first level was completing academy training and have amassed a small bit of personal wealth to see you off into the world.

Player Requirements:
Maptool b87
DN|Veggie Hybrid Campaign File
Skype account

[updated: 09302012]

Campaign Guidelines

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