About the Game


The current year is 266 A.P. (After Peace). It has taken a considerable amount of time, but the world is beginning to take a prosperous turn for civilization. Cities are booming in growth in both population and economy. However, this creates an increased need for goods in order to sustain the growth. Naturally, some goods are harder to come by than others, which leads to the need for trade with neighboring/rival countries.

Welcome to Montoia, where dominance in politics means having the most coin. Players start out fresh from the Adventurer’s Academy as graduates with the prospect of a long term employment already promised to them with a company of their choosing (from a list of companies willing to offer the graduate employment). Players can choose to team up to conquer all of Montoia in a fashion befitting the group or choose separate regions and go head-to-head. Players may also choose not to accept any promise of employment and freelance instead. There’s also plenty of adventure to be had. Ruins of fallen empires scatter the open countryside. Banditry is commonplace when traveling the roads along with abduction for either ransom or for food.

If you are a player, please continue to Campaign Guidelines concerning character creation guidelines and general rules to know about this game.

About the Game

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